What Would Jeannie Blaha Do? Joy Flames!

What Would Jeannie Blaha Do? Joy Flames!
Joy Flames Wristbands by Jeannie Marie Blaha of Take a Walk with Your Angels

For years, people have told Jeannie that when faced with life’s challenges, they often ask themselves, “What would Jeannie Blaha do?”

One day, a dear friend with a sassy, sizzling spirit was ecstatic when Jeannie’s response to her Ug! feeling about one such life challenge was:

“Hey! Never Let Anyone Extinguish Your Joy Flames!”

This awesome lady exclaimed that people needed this as a regular reminder & that it’d be great if it could be on something they could wear & see daily! Thus, the wristbands seen here, were born…

Joy, Lack, Limitation, Frequency, State, Beliefs
Your Actual Natural State Is Joy. Anything Else You Learned Or Took On For Another After Coming Into Form. You Get To Reclaim Your Essential Joy Anytime. Infinity.

Interesting Side Note:   Jeannie’s mother informed her when she was in her late ‘teens or early 20’s that one day, people would be wearing “W.W.J.B.D?” wristbands because she said she “just knew” that when they were faced with challenge, they’d ask themselves, “Hmmm…I wonder what Jeannie Blaha would do?”  Jeannie laughed heartily at her mother’s suggestion!…Guess Mom’s may see their children’s blueprint & inevitable purpose & intuit all of this better than most, eh?   And that awesome lady mentioned above?  She’s a mom, too, who loves on her kids with great candor & fierceness! Apparently, they respect & accept her intuitive guidance, as well…because they’ve grabbed some wristbands, too!

Please Fill in Contact Form (below) with Your Wristbands Purchase Request:

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Thank You So Much!  Sending You Peace, Love…& Joy Flames, of course!  XOXO ~ ^j^




Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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