Take a Walk with Your Angels 2013 Update

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2013 Angel Update ~ Thank You So Much!

Hi, Everyone!

Wow!  I can’t believe I’ve been noparticipating in this Angel biz’ for 12 years already!! And it really all began some 30 years ago when I would invite people to take, what I called at the time, a “spirit walk” with me…Well, to be true, one of my earliest memories is of sending healing energy at 13 months to my youngest sister who was very sick in the hospital in her first month of life.  *She’s alive & healthy with 2 healthy sons, herself. (:  This many Angel walks & years later, I still feel butterflies in my stomach, a sped-up heart & so much gratitude every time a client arrives to receive the messages from their Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals & Loved Ones who’ve passed.  To me, it is an incredible honor to assist in this way & I am forever grateful for your trust & openness in this adventure.

If any of you haven’t yet written me a review & would like to share your Angel walk story, either with your name, initials, or anonymously, please feel free to email me! Your descriptions give others curious about such a walk, very tangible, down-to-Earth explanations of what may happen for them, as well. I will add these reviews on my website!  Thank you so much!

Sending to each & every one of You my deepest gratitude for being such integral facets of this planet & its evolution!  May your journey be embraced by many fun-filled adventures!

With Much Love, Peace, Light & Joy, & All of Your Angels & Guides to Accompany You,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels 

Wings Ups!

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