Guns & Light

Light, Frequency, Choice, Decision, Empowerment, Victim, Frequency, Vibration
Guns & Light…We Decide How Any Blaze Affects Our Frequency

Ok, so with Obama’s visit today in part re: MN being 1 of the states considering gun buyers’ mental health, I just have this to say: I am very grateful that the 2 guys who shot at me in a drive-by at Lake Calhoun didn’t think it’d be “more fun” to fire a gun with real bullets. One of those 3 or 4 pellets shot went through 3 layers of clothes, and yes, the sting could still be felt. I’m also glad I took the hit over my Angel client friend, tho’ she was nearer their vehicle. Controversial topic, yes, this gun question. Perhaps with no easy, definitive solutions or answers at this time. And especially for this peace-lovin’ chica who happens to love a number of people who have conceal & carry licenses. Oxymoron? Maybe not so much. Maybe we just haven’t gotten to the win/win awareness with it all, yet. But maybe we can all agree that this country needs some very basic transformative action. – Beginning with early teachings of the need to care about & for each other–regardless of how we know each other, or whether we’ve even met in person yet, or not. Investing in the caring initially can prevent the motivation, desire or urge to hurt others. What do we do with all those we encounter who never received that?

We remain present & be just as determined to care as they are about not caring. Love & Peace often require a “Can’t mess with this!” stance, too. It’s amazing how many will accept the positive attention–even if was a rarity or nil until they met you. Saw the neighbor girl, who is well-loved by her parents in this case, hitting her little bro’ while he cried & simply said, “Hey!! It’s time you made peace with your brother!” Maybe because she loves to hear the answers to her many fairy, Angel & other questions or something else, but she was ready to hear of another way to be with her bro’, too, that day. She immediately stopped & I heard her say to him, “Here, you can play with this now…” Switched gears just like that. Just needed a different energy vortex swinging her way. Every glance or word you share with another affects. And you can impact beyond what you may believe. It’s natural to get angry when we feel attacked; however, if we head for the drama ourselves & attack back, we’re just adding to it. And no real solutions ever have any opportunity of getting discovered while we’re in the midst of high drama. What if we’re delaying some really great answers while we’re all caught up in the arguments & dissension? Do I have ill feelings for those guys who shot at me? No. Gotta let that stuff go as fast as you can. Just send energy every time I think about them that they find other outlets for “fun” & that it involves affecting others’ lives in positive ways. Sounds nuts, pollyanna or “unrealistic”? Not at all. Right now, you may not believe such thoughts/energy have any power. All of the emails & phone calls since the Angel biz’ began 12 years ago say differently. Too many people say they can “feel” the sending & respond differently than they would’ve without it. One gent’ found me after 10 years & asked if I’d been sending him all of those years. “Yes, of course.”, I said. He responded that he didn’t think he’d be here today without “that Light” (what he saw) wafting his way when things were really tough. So you’re all senders, too, yep. (How ’bout that? Now, whatcha’ or who’ya callin’ fluff? ) Just pay attention to what you’re sending. Negativity, drama, violence, & rage begets more of the same. And none of you feels to be someone who wants to be affecting in that way. Thanks for all of your continual determination to touch the lives you encounter every day in great ways. It matters. Huge. Y’all & your passion for a more united, caring world impress me to the skies. Yeah, torch bearers! You, go! And never give up! Can’t stop this… 

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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