Laughing While Falling

Fall, Leaves, Laughing, Falling, Perception
Fall & Those Laughing Falling Leaves

Yep…Sometimes it can feel as if Life just went somersaulting down a l-o-n-g hill. Might be just the right time, as you’re standing there all dizzy hoping you don’t fall down, to remember how your 2-year old self would handle this. And then just let yourself fall on your bum & laugh & laugh & laugh some more. Seemed to make it less painful and/or scary then; could now, too! Here’s to Your Inner Child’s Perception. Maybe That Wisdom is Your Most Authentic Reality. The rest…Well, it could just be made up of fragments you began to believe were somehow “bad”, when It, Every Bit of It, all Just Is. The Fall…Just Is.

Maybe you wouldn’t have noticed the stuff on the ground if you hadn’t fallen. Like those pennies, that feather, that particular, perfect sign for which you’d been keeping your eyes & ears open. Maybe some “grown person” at some point told you that Life has its Pitfalls. Are they? Do you ever look back & think, “OMA, I’m sure glad THAT happened when it did! I thought it was the worst thing ever at the time! But I wouldn’t be right here, right now in this (career, relationship, family, trip, better health, etc) if it hadn’t!!” What if the best is actually always happening? Shooting stars fall. Rainbows fall at their ends. Skin & hair falls off so we can grow more new, again & again, with the cells getting to do their happy rebirth, rejuvenating dance over & over. You get the idea! 

Happy 11:11! And, yes, you always get to wish to see another Falling Star. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying your Light as you shoot here & there, falling & rising, falling & laughing…

Peace & Love, they fall & rise, too. But, they always feel great, no matter what, don’t they?  

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

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