Breaking Down…or Breaking Out, You?

Breakdown, Breakout, Freedom, Essential Self, Original You
What If All Breaking Down Is Really Breaking Things Down to Your Essential, Original Self? What If You’re Just Breaking Out?

Remember: Sometimes when it seems things are just breaking down & falling apart all over the place, it may just be that You are in the middle of a Breakthrough or a Break Out – so that more of You Can BE. The falling feeling is actually just that letting go that is needed so that All of You can happen! Remember swinging on a swing & that dropping feeling until you began to soar back up into the sky? Yeah, kinda’ like that. Never fun getting short-changed, anyway, right? So why would you consider doing that to Your Self? To receive abundantly, living your richest, most fun life…Well, that requires you allowing the Big You to Be. No need to try to become a stuffed green pepper, either, where your insides start cracking with all of that squashing down! Just make way! Create the space for that Light of Yours that wants to keep expanding & celebrating what you came here to be. That’s all. The how of that journey can be up to your staff that isn’t embodied, per se. Yep, those Angels & spirit guides are at it again. Ready to send you on that train to your next grand adventure! You just request your ticket. They’ll figure out the “how” to take you “there”. Oceans 111, here You come! Get ready! Don’t like to swim? Hey, sometimes smiling is all it takes. Just keep smiling, smiling, smiling, just like that Famous Fish did her swimming. Doors suddenly open. Lights shine on you. All are so excited to See You! They’d never think of not having your Contagious Lit-Up Vibe with them! You’re In!! See?! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Just say, “Yes!” to the ticket meant for You. Yours wouldn’t fit or serve anyone else, anyway, so no feeling guilty or badly about receiving your ticket to ride, hear? You’re not taking anyone else’ place, because that’s not possible. And there’s no one that can take your place or replace You. Only One You. Plus, and yes, those Angels have said it before so they must want to reiterate: Every single time you take your place, you rep’ that for others, so that they can feel great about taking theirs. Imagine if everyone knew this! Competition, what? Envy, jealousy, projection, what? Illusions, really. On the other hand, You’re Real. And you get to keep getting (re: returning to Your) More Real. Bigger, happier, speedier-vibed. Never, knew your Light was so infinitely made for fun, did you?  It seems to get its profound awesomeness. And wants You to know & express it as such! It def’ didn’t come here to ingest itself into any energy field of complaining, negativity or victim mindset. Uh, uh. If you find yourself near such an intense vacuum, just know that you can always push the “opt out” button. You’re not required to join down. Nor does that actually ever serve anyone. Hey, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit determined to remain focused on the life you desire. Rather than on a life you don’t. Or even feeling like you have to start over with that steadfast determination every day. Practice makes for constant movement & momentum towards — You, Being You. Ever notice how the people around You who seem to get off on or revel in being themselves are some of the nuttiest, oddest, most — Yep, you guessed it —Unique, One-& Only’s? And that they’re some of the Most Fun Pepes you’ve ever met?? They’ve kept stepping into Exactly Who They Are! We love’m for it supernaturally. So here’s to You! Let the Nuttiness Rip! Embrace your Eccentric Perceptions! I love that You’re Unique to You. And to the rest of the world! Because You Are!! Keep On with Your Real Self! I adore this about You. And I’m grateful for all of the Courage & Stamina you chose to enact to Be You! Never give up! You’re waaaaaaaay too worth — You! I promise: This ROI will be unrivaled by any other single investment you make anywhere else in your life! Enjoy those returns — to Your Self, hey!!  And thanks for sharing your winnings!! You See, All Win when You are You! Ding, ding, ding! Yep, there You Are again! Whooop! Raisin’ the roof over here in Las Vegas-You- Land! Oh, the band just arrived for You, ready to serenade you with your favorite songs, too. Name’m! This band is yours & can play anything! Beat just started. Never were able to just sit & watch U2 in concert?? Me neither! Then, get up & dance to You, too!! The cheering is incessant & so loud I can barely hear your Angels anymore. Just start! We’re all ready for You!! Ooooh…The lights are dimming just in time — for You! Don’t need’m with all of Yours!! Here You Go!! Nope, can’t just sit here in my seat watching You performing All of You, either! Dancin’ to You!! Rock On! I’ll celebrate You any day!! Huepa!

Big Hugs & Love,

Jeannie Marie & the Angels

Wings Up!

Fly Up (to Top of Page)

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