Should’s & Shackles

Should, Duty, Obligation, Owing, Freedom, Empowerment, Victim, Empowered
So Are You The Exception to All of The Rules? Good On You! Stay On & Powered Up!
Sooooooo…Where in your life might you cast off some (more) shackles? It’s funny, isn’t it? You could interchange “shackles” with “should’s”. And then turn around & just as decisively replace those with “could’s”. Suddenly, you feel more free, eh? Did you ever really think the reason you were born was to follow a life of should’s? Uh, uh. Nope. Nada. And here’s another funny thing: Your life purpose requires You Letting Go Absolutely so that You’re Free to Be That. (Whatever that “I Am That” is for you). Nowhere in any baby shower card presented to your Mum or Papi did it say that you’d be the one baby on Planet Earth that would have to make yourself smaller & smaller to live your purpose. If your life is bringing you to feel that, you can trust that there’s more letting go to do. To let yourself Be All who You came here to Be. Now, as you’re realizing how big your Light is, it makes sense that you really have to make a whole lotta’ space for it, yes? There’s no way it will fit in any diminishing or depleting facets of your life that just aren’t You. It may take some old doors being shut. Or maybe you’ll even feel like slamming them if you felt they held a lot of your energy captive–just to make sure they’re really shut for good! Just remember that the more you can Love the places, situations & people you need to let go of to allow your whole Light to be, the easier the transition & the softer, gentler beginnings you will have. The endings are always in the beginnings & vise versa. No need to start any fires while you’re starting the new in your life. Unless you want those, of course. So, back to the shackles. What? Your wrists are a tad sore but you’ve removed those tight, confining doodads? Awesome!! Have a loved one give them a good rub & then be off with you! Time to reach out & share that big ol’ Light of Yours further!! Thank You!! You Rock & I’m so Grateful for You!! Feeling a little blissed out? Hey, no worries!! You’re meant to have this sensation. It’s called a, “WoW! I had no idea I was This Soul with this much to share!” realization! Raising my glass over here. To All of Your Greatness! And I have pretty good vision so I’m not embellishing You at all! Let me know as you catch glimpses of Your Self. I love hearing from pepes exclaiming, “Holy Cow!! Random people are coming up & telling me that I have some sort of Light around me!” And, “Someone said I had a message for him today…and I did!! It just popped into my head right then! I’m freaking myself out!!” Tee, hee. Actually, you’re Free-ing Yourself (with)in. And throughout! Yep. You’re On! Here’s to the Light On in You!!! Lighters were just flicked on all over the Universe for You. You Go, Rock Star!! Keep Rockin’ On!! Ever consider why many rebel rockers often wear chains, etc on stage? The re-mind-ers of your real freedom are everywhere, eh?! Hey, if you’re going to wear them, may as make them a part of your jewels, then, yes?! Razzle, Dazzle, Sizzle & Sashay! No wall-flowering it for You!! Gotta’ go. Salsa band is playing. See you on the dance floor, amores!! 

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