Magic & Asking

There’s a ton of Magic energy in the air currently, amigos, so for whatever you most desire to shift in your lives now, now & now, Get Up on it–Ask for it! Things are suddenly changing dramatically for many right now, career, health, family, relationship-wise…The secret is to Ask…Put out your Invite–but don’t forget that it’ll all happen much more quickly & hugely if you begin from a grateful vibe…Lack & scarcity thoughts create more of the same; abundant, “YES! This is AWESOME!” mindsets will only conduct more of that same (energy & form manifesting)! Now, big-time congrats to all of you whom are asking!! Sometimes it takes big courage & determination to let go of the stuff you know, to let go to all that you don’t–but can feel has some massive Soul Pull for You. Time to dust off the wings if you’ve had yours tucked down or away…Shake’m off so any ol’ dirt drops away & Your Sparkles can be seen for who You Are. Woah…Just had to put on some sunglasses over here…No worries!! Shine, baby, shine!! BOOM! Yep, those were your fireworks…Best display, evah’!! Thanks Be for You! Dream, Ask, Dream, Ask…Then, don’t forget! (And this may be the toughest for some): Open to Receive, Receive, Receive!! But, yep, it can be as easy as opening those wings & letting the wind carry You–Soar You, (your own) full speed ahead, really!…What a pie, eh?! De-Lish & De-Light-full! AND All Natural, too–Just You! (; Grateful & Sending to all of Your Dreamy Asking!! Get ready, set, GO!!  

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

Animals Ask With No Hesitation. You Can, Too!

Fly Up (to Top of Page)

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