Listening to Your Spirit When it Says, “Yeah, Baby!!”

Inspire, Inspiration, Spirit, Adventures, Perseverance, Tenacity, Determination, Joy, Peace
“Inspire” comes from the Latin word, “Inspirare”, which means “to breath spirit into”. Thank you for breathing Spirit into those You encounter!

Another Amazing Angel Walk Day! Thanks be to All of You who are so bound & determined to live your purpose, no matter what it is & no matter how many times it seems you have to begin again with your joy & courage in hand. So grateful for your presence on this planet! May your travels be plum full of the delight & zeal you bestow upon others, inspiring them, as you say, “Yeah, baby!” to your spirit!

I remain in awe of all of your stamina & perseverance! And stand (or soar) by You with every energy amp up You allow. There’s no such thing as failing. You may take some detours or breaks once in awhile, but you’ll begin again. You always do. You always will, because you’re infinite. Once energy is created, it always exists. No sense rushing around, then. Especially to push yourself in some direction to which your spirit as your rep is responding, “Uh…No, thank you. That isn’t me.” Funny how when we were kids, we wouldn’t have considered staying anywhere for more than an hour where we weren’t having fun or where others were being blatantly mean or showing complete disregard for who we are. So why would we convince ourselves that we need to do any of this when we “grow up”? That, we could almost call, “growing down”, right? Guess what? Yep. Another permission slip has just been delivered to You. And It says, “You, as You, Get to Exit All That Leaves You Feeling Less Than You.” Wondering what that means? If you don’t feel alive in it, leave it! Let it go, now. Show that slip to the hall monitor on your way out; it’s your Get Out of Your Own Way Free ticket stub. You haven’t done anything “wrong”, so head for the door that says, “For Your Alive Life, Exit Here”. It may be the Flashing One where You can see Sparkles Outside the Window, Lighting Up What’s Out There. Hesitating? No worries; it will always be there. But why postpone your real self’s happiness? No need. I see You’re a Whiz Kid & you’re ready to have Bigger fun! See you on the other side! XO ~ ^j^

Did you know the word, “Inspire” comes from the Latin word, “Inspirare”, which means “to breath spirit into”? Yep. Every time you inspire those you encounter by openly sharing your authentic self, you breathe such reflective greatness into them. They, too, may lose a bit of fear of their own grandness then. Why would we waste any breath chopping each other down? Sending the breath towards the full-spirited You! 

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

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