Are You Allowing or Resisting?

Allowing, Resisting, Desired Reality, Letting In, Letting Go
If Your Desired Reality Is Not Here with You Yet, Ask, “What Am I Resisting?” Listen To Your Answer. We Are Either Allowing Or Resisting. Letting It In Or Not Letting It In.
“Enlightenment means literally aligning to the Energy of my Source. And genius is only about focusing. Law of Attraction takes care of everything else. Physical humans often want to make enlightenment about finding some process and moving through the process that has been pre-described. But true enlightenment is moving to the rhythm of the internal inspiration that is coming in response to the individual desire. Enlightenment is about allowing my connection to the Source that is me for the fulfillment of the things that I have individually defined here in my time/space reality. That’s as good as it gets!” ~ Abraham


So then the only real question is: Are you letting it be as good as it gets for You? Either we’re allowing or resisting. One or the other. Makes it simple, yes? Allow your best, most fun life for You & it can only happen! Get in the way with those what if’s, self-doubt, self-negation, etc. & , yes, you could end up resisting it with all of your might.So just give up resisting one thing today that keeps you from your greatest happiness. Soon, you’ll let them all go. And if you catch yourself holding on to those less than fun pieces, no need to berate yourself. Many people along your path have probably told you it couldn’t be this easy or this fun. Yep, they fell for the, “If it’s not hard, it won’t be worth it!” So maybe you’re just in the process of letting go of THEIR resistance. Which, who knows? With the way energy works/plays, this may just assist them, too! What if once you let yourself fall into your authentic flow, you have so much more energy, you feel vibrant, as if you could climb one mountain after the other? And it DOESN’T feel hard at all? Maybe you’ll be taking on 10X’s the challenges.  But it still won’t feel “hard”. Because you followed your most sincere, soft, open heart that is having a blast with your authentic nature. Nature keeps moving; you will, too! Super naturally! No worries! Following your bliss has never meant for any musician, artist, or creative of any persuasion that suddenly you will become very lazy! Quite the opposite, they’ll tell you! They’ve got more energy than most people on the planet. And accomplish in days or months what many would hesitate to undertake over years! Following your Spirit’s nudges will never let you down. In fact, you may just find that you’ve never felt so up in your time on this planet!! Standing here, appreciating your decision to keep allowing Yourself…To Be!! Bye, bye Resistance!! Hello, Allowing!! To Your Own Best Life Ever!!!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

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