What If There’s Nothing to Fix?

Fix, Change, Love, Husky, Dogs, Children, Acceptance, Perfection
Think About A Pet Or Child You Love. Bet You Didn’t Think Of Something He Or She Needed To “Fix”. Now, Think Of Yourself With That Same Absolute Love Right Now. Yep. Perfect.

What if there really is nothing to “fix” but only a bunch of whole-hearted accepting to be had? Yep, you may just be absolutely perfect as You are. Your whole, big, ever-lovin’ self! Try that one on for size! Oh, wait, now! See, you had to get a bigger size, didn’t you? All that trying to stuff You, that Grand, Magnificent You & All of Your Light into that old You doesn’t serve anymore, does it? Time to take out the hem. Out with those hems & haws. Ahem. And Let’r Rip! Just as You Are! After all, this Universe is One Big Come as You Are Party! And This Invite says, “To: Be” That’s It! Now, don’t think over think this. Or it could seem very complicated. Maybe just laugh, instead. You’ll get “there” anyway! As long as You’re Here, that is. You. Are. Perrrrrfect!

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

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