Plan Joy, Instead!

Butterflies, Joy, Dance of Joy, Planning, Plan, Live
Plan for Your Joy, Instead! Every Day, Yes. And Then Watch What Happens. And What You Live.

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning?” ~ Abraham 

Plan on your idyllic, most joy-filled life! Why not? It’s Yours & You Choose What You Make It. You have All of the Say. Every Day, Every Moment! Did you forget & hand your reins over to someone or something else? To someone who may not truly “get” you & has different motivations & ideals than You? Or to a job or career that feels to drain the life right from You? Hey, it happens. But you can always take your handlebars back! It’s up to You! Regardless of how it may seem at any given moment, no thing or no one out there can hold, keep or control your powerful life force unless you let him/her/it. Take it back & free yourself. Yep, just like that. Hit Play. Repeat. Play. Repeat. It’ll become so natural, you won’t think of sacrificing it or giving it up ever again. And from here, you will see that Living Your Whole Authentic Self is the most generous, least selfish offering you could ever make to this World. And I Thank You All of the Way. 

By the way, your Angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals & Source/Creator Energy would much rather help you create your dreams than any misery! Yep! So if you’re planning, plan them into the fun! They LOVE to see You Happy! 

Light on You! 

Much Love & Big Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

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