Yes, Human Hearts in 2012…

In response to emails, phone calls, texts from Angel clients, friends & fam’, nation-wide…

Oh, Yes It Is Infinitely Possible…As Soon As We Decide.

There’s so much going on right now involving some rather sudden shifts & shocks. And more aftershocks when it seems no more could possibly happen.  You’re not imagining it, nor are you alone in feeling this at all! These intense eruptions are definitely happening. With more to follow over the next few weeks to a couple of months.  The recent massive solar flares will affect much, along with Mercury’s going retrograde again on March 12 through April 4.  The darkness that many of you have mentioned experiencing regarding lying, deception, disloyalty, mean-spiritedness & more is literally dumbfounding. It is leaving many of you aghast as it involves even those you’d regarded as very close family & friends.  It is all a part of this “volcanic” & “earthquake”-like activity. All of this “dark stuff” will not  be wholly seen for what it is until it is faced, confronted, and/or showered by Light.  I’ve not seen it this intense in many, many moons. Beginning a couple of weeks ago, I began fielding texts, phone calls, emails & encounters with those not just experiencing anxiety, but absolute panic regarding so much combusting all around them.  

For people across the country, much of it has involved very irrational, illogical & even illegal behavior by people in “authority” positions.  I’m certain we’re about to hear of some larger, national entities & their “cover ups” coming to Light. People with the bigger picture & bigger family community in mind will first be shoved away as they hold the Light over what they’ve discovered; however, no matter what, the truth will come out. People will be called up to own their actions, one way or another. For many, it will be sooner than later, unlike how it has been for centuries.  

There’s no such thing as “getting away with” something. At least not forever. Because we never truly get away from ourselves. Thank goodness! We’d be a whole bunch of out-of-body pepes trying to manage all of this by now! It’s impossible to care for each other if we’re out of our bodies & hearts. Thanks, too, to our heart-y souls that desire nothing more than to keep evolving as quickly as they can! They keep stepping up to say, “I’m here!” in our ears when we may otherwise jet set off to a mountain cave somewhere to hide out. Some people are feeling these massive & intense shake-ups emotionally, some physically & many, both.  So be sure to take lots of hot baths or showers (to wash away the metaphorical “dirt” you may have picked up on). Find a daily meditation practice of some kind that assists you in clearing all that isn’t You. Whether it’s reading, yoga, kick-boxing, resting, creating some artwork/play, watching funny movies (or a funny comedian or loved one), gardening, walking with your 2-legged & 4-legged friends or anything else that brings you back to that feeling of, “OK, now I feel like myself again!”, give yourself this space/time. It’s literally feeling for many as if nothing is safe, all is shaky & the ground is literally trembling under our feet. I’ve a sense that, soon, some bigger world events are about to happen (or be revealed, finally), as often such clearings for humanity begin at the microcosmic level. Hang in there & breathe, breathe, breathe!!  We are definitely being challenged to consider what is truly important & how we wish to proceed: Do we follow the direction & guidance of our Light in alignment with our Angels, Spirit Guides, & Source/Divine Energy? Or give up, surrendering or giving ourselves, our ethics, principles & morals over to the darkness or to some illusion of Light? We choose. And sometimes it can feel as if we are having to choose with great strength every single moment. Don’t give up on Your Light. Only You & your one-of-a-kind Soul has yours to share, radiate & surround those for whom you care deeply. I promise: Your Light will Never, Ever give up on You! And remember, the more darkness there appears to be, the more Light that means there is. It’s the Yin & Yang of our hearts, our communities & our world. So when you find yourself questioning how dark it seems to feel, ask, “So where’s the Light in like kind/vibe/frequency for me in all of this?” It’s there! Our tendency is to shut down when/if it gets to feeling too ominous. The only way we can feel, sense, & know that the Light is here is to open up further, instead, yep. Of course, this can mean accepting &, with that, at times, grieving “in starts”, that “the old’s gotta go”. Including perhaps, homes, relationships, careers, habits, addictions, etc. that no longer serve us (or which we will no longer serve).  Our old selves literally may not be able to hold all of that new, bigger Light arriving. As Florence & the Machine sing, “It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn”. You can do it!!  Hang onto your Humanness, y’all!!

Sending out big, abundant hugs of Compassion, Love & Peace, Peace, Peace!

Standing with You,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

Fly Up (to Top of Page) 


2 thoughts on “Yes, Human Hearts in 2012…

  1. Thank you for sharing this much needed message. I have been feeling the shift at work as well as at home. It does feel volcanic (the birth of a new earth). I have been faced with a message from a good friend that my heart tells me isn’t all that it appears. Manipulation is THE socially accepted way of deception. I bring my light to the matter and decide with my heart.

    Love Love Love



    1. Oh, I love this, Kay! Yes, the heart speaks straight from one’s light. It, like the body, can be trusted — infinitely. Neither ever lies. When we listen to their guidance, we will always find our way to our most desired realities. Love for You, within & all around. Peace & Hugs!


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