Being Human

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Regardless Of Any Fear-based Teaching & Programming, We Are One. We Decide.

The Angels have asked me to speak of this Being Human idea. They say it is really a frame of reference & that they are quite impressed by the amount of focus so many are giving it. They see that those of you who are choosing to embody this experience on the Earth plane as best you can each day “came in” with great courage & determination to do & be it with great vigor. While so much is undergoing massive (and often not so quiet!) transformation, the Light Beings are observing your choices to “let it all in” to experience all realms of what it is to be truly human. Through it all, they are thrilled that you are embracing your infinite spirits, weaving them into all of your decisions, noting what nudges you receive from them, and doing your best to let go to their direction…for it is yours, too! You and your Divine spirit are one & the same! All of that awe you carry for your Spirit, they ask that you hold yourself in it, too! You are magnificent, powerful beings, able to greet each day with as much of a Light show as many of you have witnessed while connecting stronger to your Divine self. There need not be any separation or divisive sensation between You & your Spirit Self. Many of you ask of the “how”—“How can I connect to my Spirit(ual) Divine Self?”  The answer is:  You already are. And more & more & more as you realize & intend this! Now, while considering that you already are, ask instead— as often as you wish of yourselves— of your spirit’s deepest desires. For they are yours, too! For example, ask  “If my Spirit were choosing my mate, would this person I am thinking of get that juicy nod?” Or, “If my Spirit chose today what my next greatest move towards my life purpose is, would it involve this idea I am having?” If you have a selection of opportunities, put them all out there in your mind, close your eyes & “see” where the Light is brightest. Therein lies your answer. There goes your Spirit!  There can go You with all of your authentic self intact, alive & embodied: Being Human. Just Be in Your Spirit. Then giggle & laugh as you bubble along in You Doing your Being!   Aaah…Such Peace, say the Angels. Thank you, they say, for choosing this most courageous existence, Being Human on this Earth Plane! They also urgently remind you to remember that they are always present, every moment, every yesterday, tomorrow & today. Ask, ask, ask. They say this is one of the things humans forget: To ask when they yearn for assistance.

It’s not about doing, being or “going it alone”, they say. They want you to know that it is imperative that humans come together, now more than ever! They say you are involved in one of the greatest spiritual leaps for humanity. One of coming together all across the world, letting go & even deleting old ideas of separation & division. And especially casting away that one antiquated fear-based idea that differences mean something other than peaceful, exciting, evolving co-existence. Humans can not only manage this, they say, but can declare it as one’s own reality with great fervor & knowing. Accepting only mindful connections with others anywhere in the world will lead to this movement expanding upon itself. It may take on a life & energy of its own that just seems to take over people’s hearts. Even the ones that have long since seemed to have gone numb & cold.  It is up to you. Yet not only you. We surround you in this field of energy & on days that you feel that sense of “What’s the use?” or, “This human thing is getting old!”, reach out & allow another connection to happen. It will! Soon, you will find yourself face-to-face with another Human Spirit. Yes, we said “Human Spirit” for a reason! We are giggling now! Are you?? You got it!! You are Human & Spirit! Just as you had once thought! So it is! So it is!! Enjoy! Most of all, have fun! The Human Spirit truly alive discovers that life on the Earth plane holds nearly unbelievable wonders & ever-changing moments! When you think you or things are plummeting, breathe, breathe, breathe. In, out, in, out. You just felt that stronger connection about to be come alive again? Great! You are! Amazing!

Thank you for all that you Spirit Alive in your Human Selves!  We Love You! 

Big Love & Hugs,

Jeannie Marie & The Angels

Wings Up!

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2 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. Yes, yes, yes. the divine is an extending of me just as my arm reaches and my hand grasps what I need so does my spirit.

    thank you for passing along the message. gratitude for the angels and the swirling colorful divine.


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